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Per today’s daily prompt, I wondered about how much music plays a role in my life. I’m surely glad that it wasn’t describe my life as a musical, because truth be known, I hate musicals.

This is odd, because music — given the right song — can make me burst into singing in full gusto.

That said, it has to mean something to me. (I’m sure I’m not the only one.) This doesn’t mean that I only like stuff that is nostalgic. I could be introduced to a new song and it will be love at first listen. The lyrics are most important to me, in addition to the rhythm, and dynamic use of innovative creativity. But even that won’t mean anything if, for instance, a folk song is just not what I’m feeling that day.

Most days, as of late, I’ve been in a blues kind of funk. My new job barely pays the bills, and I’m not happy, but in the five months since being laid off, I haven’t had but three interviews — only one of which worked out (and for which I wish I could change careers again.) I want so badly to be out of this funk; I want some change. So, I can appreciate some blues, but it won’t last. I need something uplifting. Something that combines the both of these would probably be ideal — a song that gets to the root of how I feel, but plays up where I want to be when I’m done listening to the music.

I know what I like, but since I’m in the mood for some change, I’d like to challenge my friends here on WordPress to help me create a playlist. I am open to lots of music. Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear what’s out there, open up my horizons a little, and hear what gets to the root of how you all are feeling. Please leave your comments below.



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I’m hoping that everyone on my blogroll participates. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Love is quite possibly my favorite emotion. ❤

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P.I.E.S. = Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social. These are the words we used to check in during our workshops at our women writers’ retreat. I thought I might use them to check in with today’s daily prompt. What do I like I about myself in terms of my PIES? So, here goes:
Physically, I like my eyes. They are undeniably my blessing and curse. They show exactly how I feel which can be honest to goodness, heartfelt love OR they can be silently and ruthlessly honest when I cannot find the tact to speak my mind. I have known this for a long time, maybe since I was a child, but I have found a way to use them to communicate. Working with teens and children, a look sometimes suffices. It does wonders for saving my voice.
Intellectually, I love the way I think. I love thinking about thinking and why I think about things the way I do. I spend a lot of time coming to terms with my ideas and beliefs because I feel like I need to own them.

Emotionally I know that I can cry for many things, and even though I don’t always enjoy the idea of crying in public, I appreciate the fact that I can be touched by a stranger’s story — that I can feel so utterly human everywhere I go. I spend a lot of time uses words with “I think…” (intellectual), and “I feel…” (emotional).
Socially, I’m awkward, but I have come to love that about me. Over time it has been fun to figure out my quirks, and realize whose time it is worth to share them with. There are a few good friends, but I love them to pieces and it’s because they love me even with my quirks.

There you go — Toot toot! That was my horn. What about you guys?

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I finally finished The Red Tent over my holiday season. It isn’t much of a nail biting kind of book, but I did enjoy it. I read one part especially, though, that did sting and sent me crying as I neared the end of the book. The woman, whom the book is about, spends a great deal describing her coming of age into womanhood, and it took my breath away when, in a sentence, she had realized she wouldn’t be able to have children. I’ve already done my blogging on my baby envy, so it hit home.

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I saw Sonic Diaspora in Chicago, and it was a great night of music and celebrating beats and people alike. Check out Brotha Onaci and let me know what you think. 🙂

Brotha Onaci

As 2012 comes to a close, i am re-thinking my goals and revising some plans. In order to help with that process, i reflected on this past year and realized that i had a pretty good year! Although i’m grateful for everything that i was able to achieve and experience (academically, health-wise, etc.), this post is focused on my musical aspirations, beginning with Sonic Diaspora.

Sonic Diaspora began as a party in Chicago in May 2011. Now it is a multi-city cultural force that We intend to make an institution in Chicago, DC, Philly, and elsewhere! Not only do We continue to host the Chicago and DC parties, but We now have a website, a radio program, and are helping sponsor artist performances, philanthropic & community building events, and more! We have big plans for 2013 that We can’t wait to share with you! Follow us on Twitter and

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In my recent fit of writer’s bloc, I’ll try anything. 🙂

The Daily Post

Okay, you are perhaps thinking to yourself, “This is the sage advice The Daily Post is giving me? Keep a notebook by the bed?” Yes, we are, and for two reasons:

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