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This is my heart. She pisses me off in more ways than one, but after a long day of feeling under appreciated, her curled up on my lap like this,  makes the world a better place.

I have had heart-breaks with my pets, and losing them is like a death in the family, but they are the “family” that are there just when I need them. Flaca, my cat, doesn’t need to say anything. A gentle purr on my lap while I brace myself for another day is all I need.  ♡

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Today’s Daily Prompt asked me to come up with five songs to describe my week.

It is now Sunday afternoon, and all I can think is what happened to the weekend. It went by too fast and I am in NO hurry, what-so-ever, to return to work tomorrow morning.

I have been working with pre-school children for the past 5 months, and either it isn’t really for me or it this particular school isn’t meant for me. It might be a little of both, and it is driving me crazy. We have two children in particular, in our classroom, that create utter chaos for the rest of the children. All of the teachers are at wits end with their fighting and manipulating ways, and are frankly out of tricks to restore harmony in the classroom. Here’s what comes to mind this week:

1. Offspring Come Out and Play (Keep ’em Separated)

I know that this sounds like quite the song for a group of 3-5 year olds, but honestly when a 3-year old starts to name off artillery jargon, and throw toys are a lead teacher like they are “grenades” I find this song totally appropriate. I’m mildly annoyed on the surface, by children who do this, but I know that it is deeper than that because they run through my mind when I try to sleep at night. I worry about their overall growth and development, and I am concerned about what kind of people they will become in a a few years time. My experience has been primarily with teenagers, and I can see what kind of adolescents they will become if we don’t do something about this now.

2. Alicia Keys Pray For Forgiveness

I can have a tendency to let my situation get me down, and I’ve been finding myself really unhappy these past few months. I take each rejection and unreturned phone call from potential employers to heart. I feel stuck, broke, untapped, and I start thinking about how much different my life should be, could be, and how maybe there’s no way to turn this ship around. So let me sing it, “I’m so broken hearted/No where left to run/No where left to go/So I hope.” I can’t let every little rejection let me down. I just keep hoping that there will be good news tomorrow, and be thankful for today.

3. Beatles Here Comes the Sun

We had one lovely day of sunshine this week and it was not long after a crumby Chicago snowstorm. Everything was starting to melt — a sure sign that Spring is on it’s way and it feels so wonderful. I long for some sun. A warm spring day partnered with this song could possibly bring me to tears…of happiness. 🙂

4. Alicia Keys Superwoman

I know that I’ve already put an Alicia song on here, and you guys already know how much I LOVE her, but stick with me. Friday was International Women’s Day, and I’m lucky to have some pretty great ladies in my life. My job also has a lot of ladies working in the field, and we all do so much. But it’s not just them. Most of the women I know (and I think a lot of women do) give 100% or more in everything they do. This is a shout out to all the women everywhere, who, even “still when [they’re] a mess, [they] till put on a vest, with an “S” on [their] chest…”

5. Bob Marley Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Things could be a lot worse off, and I’m certainly not as bad as worse could get. As long as I have right here, right now, and maybe a chance at tomorrow, then everything’s gonna be alright.


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