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I’ve been slacking y’all. But, I did get a pic for water. Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday,  and my guy and I were out and about.  We were really close to the lake. Here it is:


I hope to have another pic posted for today. P.S. today’s Instagram prompt is “alone”. Won’t you play along?

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I can’t remember the first game I listened to — if I was listening with my father in the car or if I tuned in myself, but listening to baseball on the air is quite possibly my favorite way to catch a baseball game…particularly when the Milwaukee Brewers are playing. I am definitely a fan, and it is sometimes hard to be a Brewers fan without cable and living in Chicago. I don’t always get to listen let along watch. The internet isn’t always forgiving either if I have to pay to watch the game.

Well, today my boyfriend and I had off, and we walked past a second hand store that just happened to have a variety of AM radios. They’re ridiculous alongside my smartphone and laptop. Plus they remind me of my grandfather’s garage — sometimes a game would be on, but it was mostly country tunes while he tinkered (his word) with the car. Funky as they are, they do work.

NOW, I know that not everyone enjoys baseball…and I challenge those that have only watched a game on T.V. Because honestly it’s not the most exciting way to enjoy it if you mildly like baseball. If you don’t like it at all, well then, I probably won’t change your mind either way about radio just being better. But, it also helps a lot that Bob Uecker is Mr. Baseball. One can’t help but get excited about what’s happening. He’s a legend in baseball and radio broadcasting. He’s also older, and I can’t help but be caught in the frenzy of his joy when an amazing play is happening; it’s because he doesn’t hold back. What kind of young whippersnapper would I be if I didn’t “Get up. Get out. GONE!” every time one of the Brewers hits a homerun?

Anyway, I’m listening to a game now, and I’m all smiles. Spring is in the air, baseball season has begun, and my Brewers are on the radio. Life is good.



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