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I really like all colors — they all have a certain dynamic in their own rite. I have, however, always favored purple since I was a little girl.


Like all colors, I love all their shades. Purple is no exception. I hope today’s instagram post shows that. Also, the train that takes me to my home sweet home is via the purple line…so, it kind of just came together for me today. Enjoy and please play along. Tomorrow’s prompt is: “busy”.


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Every morning I wake up early because I’m the one who starts work the earliest… usually. I get to enjoy the morning silence and the sounds of waking up by myself with a cup of coffee.


P. S. I’m still a day behind.  Today’s prompt is “your favorite color”. Please play along!

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I’ve been slacking y’all. But, I did get a pic for water. Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday,  and my guy and I were out and about.  We were really close to the lake. Here it is:


I hope to have another pic posted for today. P.S. today’s Instagram prompt is “alone”. Won’t you play along?

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So, I was at a loss today. I mean, lots of things start with “A” and working with pre-schoolers, this should be too easy, right? Ugh, well today, all of our kids were on an extended Easter candy sugar rush, plus we had a full classroom (Twenty 3-5 y/o) with kids running all over the place. So I kind of put my personal fun on the back burner today and went into “crisis” mode often by breaking up fights, finding pink crayons that MUST be had in order to make the picture “perfect”, stopping children from stealing each other’s food, and helping others work through their time-out sessions. Needless-to-say, I just didn’t get around to the photo nor felt much inspiration to brainstorm something more clever.

Thankfully I can home to dinner already made. Nothing with “A” though. 😦  Then later,  we took a walk to get some emergency staple groceries before the weekend, so as I was walking, I was running words through my head about what would be a cool picture of something with “A”…and given last minute, I got a shot of the alley near our grocery store.

April 3

There isn’t anything fancy about this alley or any alley I suppose, but I guess what’s interesting is that taking a picture of an alley is something that I would normally do, let alone look all the way down an alley. There are some I just won’t look down because I’m afraid of what I’ll see, and other times I just don’t have time to look. They’re also nothing fancy too look at in general. But here is one, in all of it’s…glory?  Here’s to a better idea tomorrow. 🙂

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Today’s challenge was to exhibit something blue.  While today represents autism on a national scale, April also represents domestic violence awareness — especially where children are involved.  These blue ribbons are posted outside a Headstart program where I work, to spread awareness.

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Hey everyone! Again, I’ve been on another hiatus. I wish I had a good excuse, but even though I’m tired and lazy at the end of most days I’ve been finding myself without a lot to say. I’m trying new ways to stay engaged with blogging and remembering to keep up with other important goals as well. I’m starting a new blog and I’ll give a shout out when that one is ready. I don’t think it will replace this one, and instead  I think it will have a more particular focus to it. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, as a way of making sure I post something everyday, I’ve decided to go with a photo challenge. This challenge (pictured below) has been surfacing around Facebook for some time, and because I do love to take pictures, this might just be what keeps me posting. I hope some of you will try it, too!

April Photo A Day

April Photo A Day

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