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I’ve been slacking y’all. But, I did get a pic for water. Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday,  and my guy and I were out and about.  We were really close to the lake. Here it is:


I hope to have another pic posted for today. P.S. today’s Instagram prompt is “alone”. Won’t you play along?

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My guy and I have been getting caught up in sitting in front of our computers, eating in front of the T.V., and letting football lead our lives for the entire day. Sunday is our day, and while I did agree that we “needed” to watch the Packer’s game, I also felt like we hadn’t really done anything together that gave us a chance to talk.

In addition, while I’ve been unemployed, I’ve had some time to myself which has allowed me to figure out a lot of my stressors, find meditative strategies, and essentially figure a few things out about myself — I’ve realized that my boyfriend has been super stressed with school, work, and just life in general.

I told him that after the game we should go for a hike…and I thought maybe we could go somewhere out of the city — a preserve or something (Chicago and the Chicago area have a ton). But, well, football ruled for a bit, and we had tried to be productive (laundry, garbage, etc.) so as it got a little too late to drive further out of the city, I settled for one of my favorite places. I actually went there shortly after I was laid off, and is one of the places I can go to get out of the city quickly without having to go too far.

Evanston, IL is home to Northwestern University. It is on the lakefront and has prime shore location, as well as a park that houses lots of shrubbery, pines, a man-made lake/pond, a soccer field, and beautiful ivy covered buildings to name a few.

It was so good to go, because while the weather was nice, the sounds were relaxing and we stood and talked by the lake for a good thirty minutes. We talked about nothing and everything — and we would have continued if I didn’t suggest that we keep on walking in order to see the rest of this beautiful place.

What I like about Northwestern (the actual physicality of it), is the old architecture. Some of the buildings are very old and nature has definitely started to take over. It is a subtle revolution in that way, I think — and I like that. What’s nicer, is that its presence appears to be accepted as no one seems to want to cut down the leaves growing over stained glass windows, into concrete crevices, or around lamp poles.

Evanston is also FULL of tree-lined streets with tons of houses with yards (also full of trees), and they are all so diverse and still bright and lovely. In addition to their colors, the sheer light of a cloudless day was utterly satisfying. I flirted with the sun as it slowly brushed over buildings and winked in enormous windows. I chased it in-between the trees and caught it on my boyfriend’s smile. We walked around a bit more and found a place to have a cup of coffee before leaving to come home just in time for dinner. Perfect!

Today’s warm fall day, mixed with sunlight, bright colors, coffee, chatting about our lives  (in addition to being just enough productive through a Packer’s win), really was a great alternatives to our usual routine. I really can’t complain. It was a wonderful Sunday. You?

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